Regarding Sturgeon’s transgender policies, Sunak seems to be changing his mind.

Regarding Sturgeon's transgender policies, Sunak seems to be changing his mind.

Regarding Nicola Sturgeon’s proposed new gender recognition laws in Scotland, Rishi Sunak seems to be changing his mind.

The new rules that Scotland is considering allowing people to change their legal gender in as little as three months without a gender dysphoria medical diagnosis. Ministers in the UK have previously hinted that they are prepared to oppose the law, which would be unusual.

The adoption of the reforms sparked a heated argument between Holyrood and Westminster, but Mr. Sunak today made an effort to cool things down by asserting that the UK Government’s evaluation of the effects of new legislation approved by devolved administrations was “absolutely usual.”

When asked by the BBC Good Morning Scotland program if he would oppose the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, Mr. Sunak responded, “As is completely standard practice, when the Scottish Parliament passes a law it is completely normal for the UK Government to take advice on the impact of that law, across the UK, and then consider how best to proceed.

“That is the procedure that is now being followed. That is where we are, in my opinion, and I believe it to be totally acceptable and usual.

The Prime Minister responded when asked if gender certificates issued in Scotland would be recognized throughout the rest of the UK: “What I am concerned about is the implications of the law across the United Kingdom and as is entirely customary, the UK government will take advice on that.”



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